David Murphy, New Tint #21, 2020
David Murphy, New Tint #21, 2020
Bartha Contemporary Ltd

David Murphy, New Tint #21, 2020

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Glass, lead and patinated brass frame
55 x 42 x 3 cm

Murphy traces back the beginning of his interest in glass as an artistic medium to his interest in lenses and magnification.

By employing mouth-blown sheet glass each work retains the qualities of traditional glass-making. Set in lead and held within a custom made patinated brass frame, hinged to the wall on one side, these reliefs invite the viewer to interact with the works. By determining the angle at which the work is positioned, the resulting projection of light, colour and shadows open up endless opportunities for discovery.

Developed from a seemingly simple vocabulary of graphic forms, the clarity of the composition further elevates the transparent quality of the glass that is held in place by the outlined picture.